Lifestyle Medicine is a water-on-rock proposition. Just as water wears away rock if it's applied consistently and long enough, our breathing, postural, and movement habits can either wear away or boost our health. I specialize in healing common maladies that no pill, surgery, or electronic gadget can fix, such as, bad balance, poor posture, stress, reoccurring injuries, chronic pain, exercising safely post-op or with a chronic medical condition, breath holding, shallow breathing, and premature aging.  

Through private sessions and classes, I provide the necessary education, support, coaching, and structure to enable clients to improve their breathing, postural and movement/balance habits. Quite often clients already know what to do, they just need more support, structure, and realistic expectations to implement a wholesome lifestyle.

The basis of lifestyle medicine is we use the same muscles for all three functions: breathing, posture, and balance or movement. In every class or private, I reinforce the principles of healthy breathing, posture, and balance/movement which overlap and reinforce each other. That's why a subtle change in breathing often produces profound effects on posture and balance resulting in better sports performance. All humans need to master these principles to thrive and age well. 

Lifestyle Medicine is my life's work. I synthesized 30 years of coaching and teaching yoga, Pilates, and fitness, my doctorate in Physical Therapy from UCSF and San Francisco State University, the latest research, and my personal odyssey from chain-smoker to open-water swimmer, long-distance runner, rower, cyclist, and hiker with world-class aerobic capacity. Decades of training and experience honed my skills: coaching, assessing client's strengths and weaknesses, honoring people's innate preferences, inspiring clients to go beyond their expectations, and milking the group dynamic.  

Movement Life Style Medicine. The above video depicts the many benefits of movement lifestyle medicine, otherwise known as  exercise. More and more, researchers are proving that movement is the best medicine for all of us.